FacialStats AI – Computer Vision AI providing Actionable Analytic Solutions

    Ai Platforms

    Face Rec and Internal Theft

    Identify Blacklisted Customers, VIP and Employees

    Face Mask Detection

    Receive Alerts When Your Customers and Employees Are Not In Pandemic Compliance

    Shelf Sweep & Inventory Control

    ID mass product thefts in real time before they leave the store while keeping shelves full and clean.

    Loitering & Vagrancy

    Protect Your Customers and Your Brand by Identifying a Loiterer and Alerting Security


    Track Customers Entering and Exiting to Ensure Pandemic Occupancy Compliance

    Touchless & Temp. Access Control

    Put health & safety first by implementing touchless entry & exit with temperature monitoring


    Easy to Use Video Management Software that Seamlessly Connects to Advanced Ai

    Forensic Search

    Use Ai to search historical video for threats and risks in less than 20 % of the time

    Heat Mapping

    Maximize Your Retail Experience via Strategic Store Layouts and Effective Staff Allocation

    Traffic Counting

    Track Cars or People in a Designated Area such as a Parking Lot or Shopping Mall with existing cameras

    Market Research

    Gather Demographic Data from Your Customers to help focus marketing efforts

    Digital Marketing

    Identify Demographics (Age, Gender, and Emotion) for Targeted Digital Advertising

    Violence Detection

    Identifies Violent Acts and Armed Robbery in Real Time by HQ Security

    HR & Station Management

    Track Check In and Out Times of Your Employees, Ensure Employees Attend Their Stations

    Trespassing and Off-Hour Alerts

    Receive Alerts for Trespassing on Your Premises or within Unauthorized Periods

    License Plate Detection

    Detect License Plates to Log Entry and Exit Times and Blacklisted Vehicles


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