Solutions – The FacialStats AI Portfolio

Our Abilities

Facial Stats Ai has a unique Neural Network that
  • Captures Faces
  • Tracks Faces
  • Matches the Faces to Your database
While providing Alerts & Tracking for
  • Blacklist
  • VIP’s
  • Employees
Alerts are sent to:
  • Internal Security System
  • Email
  • Mobile Device via Telegram
We have Unique Settings Helping Empower the User For Your industry & environment Including:
  • Internal Theft Monitoring
  • HR Management, to track employees and their work / break time
  • Access Control
  • Prohibited Areas Alerts for Employees
What Make’s Us Unique
  1. Speed & Quality
    • Our system has the right balance of speed and quality.
    • Helping your organization integrate quickly with existing cameras and technology
    • While being dependable in catching the evidence you need for decisions
  2. Flexible Pricing
    • Our system is built for everyone, and we have pricing programs to match your business needs.
    • Contact one of our sales reps for information on our financing and lease to own options.
  3. Customization
    • Face Rec for the masses is new tech, and people have new ideas all the time.
    • Contact our development team to find out how we can customize our solution
    • To fit your New and Unique ideas
  4. More Measurement Points per Face
    • Facial Stats Ai measures more points on a face then our competitors in an incredible fast amount of time.
    • This gives you greater accuracy and confidence in the statistics and Alerts we flag for you.
  5. Greater Pitch, Yaw, Roll Detection
    • Cameras for various reasons are all not positioned perfectly for Face Rec
    • Our Algorithm allows for greater flexibility in the angle and distance of your cameras
    • Meaning the people can have a greater Pitch, Yaw, Roll variation for us to capture a positive ID.

Blacklist & Organized Crime

  • Share your Blacklists amongst locations to fight Organized Crime.
  • Each location can have their own local blacklist and also share in a National Blacklist.

Credit Card Fraud

  • Use Face Rec on all high transactions, to search your database for Credit Card thefts, preventing reoccurrences.

Returns Fraud

  • Use our Face Rec to flag frequent Sales Returns thieves and ID when and where they came into the store, and if they were empty handed on entry.

Employees Theft

  • Use our Internal Theft cross-reference system to narrow down potential employees and then zoom in on those employees and events to catch the internal thief.

Auto-Check-Out Theft

  • Match the customers face to your Blacklist database, prior to letting them self check-out.
  • Identify persons skipping items during self checkout and add them to your blacklists.

Sales Cashier Theft

  • Skipping items or failing to scan / weigh items leads to losses.
    Use our Ai to identify Cashiers taking a less than honest approach.

Use existing IP cameras to detect people not wearing face masks
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable
Step 1
  • Point your IP camera to the Facial Stats Ai program
Step 2
Receive an alert when no mask is detected with a photo via
  • Email
  • Mobile Phone, via Telegram
  • Security VMS interface
Step 3
  • Generate daily, weekly or monthly reports on compliance based on location for HR and bonus purposes
Monitor compliance of staff, students and visitors for mandatory face mask use in:
  • Schools
  • Food processing
  • Office Administration
  • Manufacturing
  • Food service
  • Retail

  • High losses with one incident
  • Negative influence on employee morale
  • Low profit margins
Protect Your Merchandise
Ensure Shelf Availability for High-value Merchandise
Improve Shelf Inventory Management

Body & Object Rec

  • Facial Stats has developed a unique body and object recognition neural network.
  • We also have the ability to custom design a neural network specifically suited to your company or your industry.

Body Recognition

  • Our neural networks are able to identify people who have fallen, people who might be crouched down in hiding as a potential loss prevention risk, and individuals who are in a robbery or hold up situation.

Occupancy Alert

Access control


Forensic Search

Heatmap Analytics

Our heatmap system allows users to track where customers dwell in their retail location Great for learning customer traffic behaviour Requirements Fisheye camera covering zone areas of interest
Recommended cameras.
Axis M3048 or P3228

Traffic Counting

Facial Stats represents an invaluable market research tool.

We have the ability to provide demographic information within the following categories.

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Emotions
  • Frequency of Customers
  • Group Sizes


Fast Food

  • Measure quantity & ages of the customers and at what time they visit
  • Customize services and products to your audience
  • Adjust advertising to target in-store demographics
  • Identify peak times to better accommodate the increased traffic


  • Identify "Undersirables" when they enter your store
  • Identify customers for in-store advertising
  • Notifications of increased traffic for cashier staffing

Employee Management

  • Establish employee hours and break times based on traffic flow -
    increase productivity and manage your staff more efficiently
  • Measure employee positivity -
    detect the emotions of both your employees and customers to increase customer satisfaction
  • Identify increased traffic, to prepare cashiers in minutes


  • Monitor movement of people
  • Customize in-branch advertising
  • Emergency notifications of flagged individuals
  • Burglar alarm
  • Reduce fraud

In-Store Advertising

  • Adjust daily specials
  • Generate audience-measurement data to target promotions
  • Increase the efficiency of advertising


  • Maximize Loss Prevention
  • Real-time notifications of "Undesirables"
  • Minimize threats

Digital Signage

  • Determine the ages of your audience to identify the optimal target
  • Identify gender to discover which gender your ad attracts more sale.
  • Measure the interest in your ads using dwell time & optimize marketing operations
  • Analyze foot traffic and peak times to reach larger audience


  • Empower your audience using dwell time - organize your store in a smart way to keep customers in for longer
  • Understand what demographics respond to your displays best

Violence Detection

HR Management


License Plate Detection