Real-Time facial recognition

What We Measure and See:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Dwell Time
  • Emotional Positivity
  • Specific Faces from the Database
  • Ability to Exclude Employees from Stats

Demographic /Emotional Statistics

Measure your traffic based on age, gender, dwell time and emotional reaction.

Report Formats

  • Bar & Pie Charts
  • Hourly, Weekly, Monthly Increments
  • Comparisons to:
    • Other Data
    • Weather
    • Sales
    • Locations
    • Cameras
  • Custom Reporting

Industry Advantages


Fast Food

  • Measure quantity & ages of the customers and at what time
  • Customize services and products to your audience
  • Adjust advertising to target in-store demographics
  • identify peak times to better accommodate the increased traffic


  • Identify "Undersirables" when they enter your store
  • Identify customers for in-store advertising
  • Notifications of increased traffic for cashier staffing

Employee Management

  • Establish employee hours and break times base on traffic flow - increase productivity and manage your staff more efficiently
  • Measure employee positivty - detect the emotions of both your employees and customers to increase customer satisfaction
  • Identify increased traffic, to prepare cashiers in minutes


  • Monitor movement of people
  • Customize in-branch advertising
  • Emergency notifacations of flagged individuals
  • Burglar alarm
  • Reduce fraud

In-Store Advertising

  • Adjust daily specials
  • Generate audience-measurement data to target promotions
  • Increase the efficiency of advertising


  • Maximize loss prevention
  • Real-time notifications of "undesirables"
  • Minimize threats

Digital Signage

  • Determine the ages of your audience to identify the optimal target
  • Identify gender to discover which gender your ad attracts more
  • Measure the interest in your ads using dwell time & optimize marketing operations
  • Analyze foot traffic and peak times to reach larger audience


  • Establish what catches the eye of potential customers


  • Empower your audience using dwell time - organize your store in a smart way to keep customers in for longer
  • Understand what demographics respond to your displays best