COVID 19 Solutions

Occupancy & Capacity Alerts

To investigate the efficacy of capacity alert calls in reducing acute hospital overcrowding.

Face Mask Detection

Our goal is to detect whether a person is or is not wearing a mask.

Touchless Temp. & Access Control

The capability of reading the body temperature of the person attempting access.

Heat Mapping for Cleaning

Heat Maps are graphical representations of data that utilize color-coded systems.


Face Recognition

Capture a Face, Track a Face, Match a Face, Recieve an Alert from Anywhere.



Market Research

View Gender, Age, Emotions, Frequency of Customers & Group Sizes.

Security Loss Prevention

Match to “Blacklist”, and cross reference losses for Internal Theft.



Traffic Counting

Track Pedestrian Traffic or Passing Vehicles in Real Time.

Face Mask Detection

Send a Face Masks Alert to HQ from any Satellite Location in Milliseconds.



Heat Mapping Fish Eye

Track Dwell Time, Display Effectiveness and End Cap Traffic within Seconds.

Loitering & Vagrancy Rec

Track within 8 min., to reduce vandalism and safeguard your assets.


Actionable Intelligence

Track Your Customer’s Journey to Maximize Intel & Sales.


Technology Partners